President Bush has repeatedly expressed his interest in helping seniors with the high costs of prescription drugs. I, too, have a deep concern for people who are elderly or disabled and cannot afford their medications. Recently, several pharmaceutical companies have taken a step in the right direction to help these citizens get the medicine they need. Two pharmaceutical companies are selling their brands of drugs at a flat-fee, and seven pharmaceutical companies have joined together to offer the Together Rx card, which offers discounts. People who meet certain eligibility requirements may enroll in all three of these savings plans, all for free.

On Friday, May 31, my staff and I will be enrolling eligible citizens into the Pfizer Share card, the LillyAnswers card, and the Together Rx discount card. We will have our staff and other community volunteers helping people fill out their applications. This sign-up event will be held at the Wayne Township Trustee Office between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

To be eligible for these cards, an applicant must be on Medicare (for age or disability); must not have any prescription coverage; and must NOT be eligible for Medicaid. They must also not exceed these income guidelines:

For Pfizer and Lilly, a single person cannot exceed $18,000 and a couple cannot exceed $24,000 per year. For the Together Rx card, a single person cannot exceed $28,000 and a couple cannot exceed $38,000 per year. The eligibility requirements for income is somewhat unique because it targets those whose income doesn’t allow them to afford other drug coverage, yet whose income is too high to qualify for Medicaid.

While there are many issues related to Medicare reform and long-term solutions, these cards offer savings to the consumer right now. If you or someone you know qualifies, please join us on May 31st. Wayne Township is providing the applications and photocopy service, and the Allen County Council on Aging is providing transportation (424-2010). Representatives from the Social Security Administration, FSSA (Medicaid), Aging and In-home Services, League for the Blind and Disabled, and the Allen County Council on Aging will be available to answer questions about their programs.


Matthew P. Schomburg
Wayne Township Trustee