I have some information to pass along regarding streets and traffic in the Waynedale Area. After receiving a few calls regarding problems with traffic congestion at the Bluffton Road/Winchester Road intersection, I asked the traffic engineers to look into the situation. The engineers then realigned northbound traffic through that intersection and the situation seems to be improved. Let me know what you think. Southbound traffic flow remains a problem and is being re-evaluated by the traffic engineers.

Another “engineering” problem in the Waynedale area is Bradbury Avenue where a major new water line was installed. While the eventual outcome will be very positive with an improved water service, some problems remain. I’ve received calls regarding possible exposed water pipes, problems with street resurfacing, etc. I’m working with utility engineers to address these concerns and Bradbury south of Lower Huntington Road will be resurfaced in the future. Putting in a new water line is disruptive but I hope all of those who live in the area are happy to be rid of the discolored water, which resulted from the old deteriorated water lines.

Recently there was quite a bit of community discussion regarding an important employer in the community, B.A.E. Systems on Taylor Street. B.A.E. makes aircraft controls and pays an average annual salary of over $50,000 to its 505 employees. The city provided abatements to B.A.E. to assist the company with its $2.5 million expansion project. This is certainly a “win-win” situation for B.A.E. and also for the citizens of Fort Wayne. It was a nice change of pace to see the positive coverage of the B.A.E. expansion in the local media. Too often, the news regarding jobs is overly negative and fails to emphasize good news such as the B.A.E. story.

Finally a couple comments regarding the upcoming annexation of the Aboite area in 2006. As you are probably aware, Fort Wayne’s City Council Districts are already unusually large. That problem will potentially become even worse when the Aboite annexation occurs. The good news is that there is growing interest among current council members to add 2 more district council members to City Council prior to the 2007 city elections. This is a possible future development which makes a lot of sense in my opinion.

Let me know what you think!


Tom Hayhurst
4th District
City Councilman

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