I shouldn’t approach this subject at all BUT I have heard other people’s comments and most agree with my own thoughts on the subject of Indiana’s stupid seat belt law. Personally, I think the seat belt law is unconstitutional, illegal, and an invasion of my privacy.

Hold on. Before you go and jump down my throat, think about it for a minute. The government (I can’t think of anyone else to blame) or somebody with a ‘wild hair’ passed a law that says we have to wear seat belts. Ok, I believe in wearing seat belts and I wouldn’t leave home without buckling up BUT I don’t think anyone has the right to tell me that I HAVE TO WEAR THEM nor have the right to pull me over to check my car to see if I’m buckled up. I think the same thing should happen to the seat belt law that happened to the motorcycle helmet law a few years back??? It was done away with!

I think the seat belt law is a ploy for an illegal search and seizure tactic and I don’t like it. I think it also leaves the door open for more and more ‘stupid’ laws. Remember, every time a law is passed you lose a freedom. I think everyone should have the right to decide whether wearing a seat belt is right for them or not. I know, I know, some people would never wear a seat belt if it weren’t for the law that says they have to. I think these people probably have a death wish anyway and if not wearing a seat belt doesn’t kill them then something else will.

The seat belt law could open up another can of worms and I want you to think about this. Ok, go ahead and stick your tongue in your cheek if you want to but it could happen.

What if:

The government lawmakers said you have to wear a helmet to drive a car? (It could happen! They tried it with motorcycles didn’t they?)

The government said, “Let’s pass a law that says everyone in the car has to have a helmet? (They got the driver, why not the passengers?)

The government said, “Let’s pass a law that says everyone has to wear a helmet in their home in case they fall down, and they’ll do random searches of our homes to make sure we have them on? (They’ve given themselves the right to invade your car!)

The government said, “Let’s look into seat belts for booths and chairs in restaurants, seats in the coliseum, seats in the movie theaters, and see saws on the playgrounds? (Your car, why not public places?)

Does anyone see what is going on? Do you see what could happen in the future? What have we left out? Over the shoulder harness instead of seat belts, the kind that pilots wear. Life jackets in case your car goes off the road and into a river or if a bridge gets hit by a barge like the one a week or two ago. Inspection of cards that are issued saying you spent so many hours in seat belt/helmet/life jacket class instruction. We could call them ‘click-it cards’. “Show your click-it or get a ticket.”

I’m not saying we should all protest by not wearing our seat belts; that would be down right stupid and costly. I am saying, “Write your Governor, Mayor, Senators, and Congressmen; let them know how you feel. If you like the law then let them know that also. Oh by the way, in the meantime invest your spare money in those companies that make seat belts, helmets, and life jackets; you might as well make some money to pay for those tickets.

Agree or disagree? Write and let me know what you think. You must sign your name but we won’t print it unless you say it’s ok.

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