To the Editor of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS,

The voices of the future must not be denied. This is a plea for the attention of the men and women who have been elected as Indiana House and Senate members, the men and women who influence the life of each individual in this state. Each year 75,000 children benefit from the efforts of the 35 Youth Service Bureaus. The goal of these organizations is juvenile delinquency prevention. They help children by connecting them with mentors, providing shelter for youth in crisis, providing alternative schools, connecting kids with Teen Court and counseling, or providing drug and alcohol prevention programs.

Six hundred million dollars is spent every year to keep Indiana prisoners in jail while only one million is spent for delinquency prevention. Since 1975, the number of prisoners in Indiana has increased from 4,500 to 21,000. The cost of incarcerating one juvenile for a year at Plainfield Correctional Center is $54,750. This, by itself, is more than the state would spend for delinquency prevention at one Youth Service Bureau.

Take a moment to balance your values. Shall we direct children into productive independent lives and futures, or support them in a juvenile jail without a hope of contributing to the State of Indiana in the years to come? Talk to our elected officials and tell them the future is in their hands and their decisions will determine the outcome. The salvation of Indiana’s most vulnerable children hangs in the balance. We must remember that as a state we are a community. As a community, we are family, and as a family, we have the obligation to support one another.


A Group of 109 Concerned Students which includes 4 from Allen County.


Dear Editor,

Many local people are unaware that we have a beautiful Veterans’ War Memorial Shrine located in our area. It rests on O’Day Road and has beautiful monuments commemorating the Korean War, Vietnam War and various other wars. There is also a wonderful war museum with many great war memorabilia. Please take time to drive out and explore this wonderful area. If you have questions or for hours that the Museum is open, you may call 260-625-4944.

Thank you,

Mary Anna Roemke, Publicity Chairman

Korean War Veterans’ Association Chapter One