(Taken from THE GUN OWNERS September 28, 2001)


Thankfully, there was one delegate at the UN convention who was willing to oppose plans for worldwide gun control. That was the U.S. delegate, Undersecretary of State John Bolton, who threw a monkey wrench into the convention. Bolton made it very clear that the U.S. would not go along with any agreement that violated the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution or which prevented freedom fighters from throwing off the yoke of illegitimate rulers.

What a difference four years makes. This conference would have ended much differently if it had convened during the Clinton presidency. His delegates would have, no doubt, jumped behind the full scope of gun control restrictions discussed at the convention. Bolton’s stand angered many UN delegates, and the conference ended with an unenforceable, voluntary agreement. Nevertheless, foreign delegates agreed that nations should seek to enforce gun owner registration, impose export/import controls on firearms, destroy surplus stocks of firearms, and discourage the production and possession of small arms.

Some onlookers believe the July conference may also have been an attempt to drum up support for a gun control treaty that was passed by the UN General Assembly in May. Many foreign governments-and domestic gun control groups in this country-are pressuring the Bush administration to sign the treaty that would mandate worldwide gun owner registration. The May treaty will go into effect worldwide if 40 nations sign it by December, 2002-a relatively easy task.


(Associate Editor’s Note: Anyone who would voluntarily give up his or her means of protections is basically stupid and deserves whatever they get BUT don’t assume that I also want to become a slave or get killed. My dad said, “If you have a gun and I have a gun, we are able to meet and talk on equal ground. If you have a gun and I don’t, then I’m forced to listen and do what you command thus I become a slave and am no longer free.”)