Ooooooooohhh I have to tell you about a cute little place that my little Tubby Hubby and I went to recently. It’s called the Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant and it’s located off of I-469 at 1326 Minnich Road in New Haven in a little shopping center. We discovered it by mistake.

We had been to “MAY-NARDS” (that’s the way they pronounce it) and got off at the wrong exit looking for a place to eat. I can’t remember which restaurant we were looking for but we were so hungry that we decided to stop in at this restaurant and not go any further.

They had a buffet and it looked soooo good. We got a large variety of food, all we wanted to eat, and a Senior discount to boot. We could have gotten tea or pop to drink but I just like to drink water with my meals. I can taste the food better. I sampled hot & sour soup, egg drop soup, vegetable fried rice, cabbage stuffed egg rolls, garlic chicken, beef or pork on a stick, BBQ’d chicken wings, regular fried chicken wings, Chinese donuts, Kung Pow Chicken, and about six or eight other dishes with names that I can’t pronounce.

Oh I just had the best time and Wayne was so good. He didn’t spill anything or get anything on anybody, or embarrass me. Well he did up dump his ice cream in his lap but I grabbed it out of his lap with two napkins before anything got frostbitten, frozen, or shrunk. He tied his jacket around his waist when he got up to leave to hide the wet spot.

The waitress was the cutest little thing and so polite and smiling. She just couldn’t do enough to help us. Although we did serve ourselves, she kept coming around to ask us if we wanted anything else, and asked if we were pleased with the food, and she kept taking the dirty dishes away so we didn’t have to look at them. She only changed the table cloth twice on account of the way Wayne drips when he slurps. I made Wayne leave her a nice tip.

Oh, oh, and they had several kinds of ice cream and you can serve yourself and put all kinds of jimmies, sprinkles, and stuff on it. I just wish they had caramel syrup; I love Carmel syrup. Wayne went through three bowls of different kinds of ice cream mixed together. I wanted to gag when I saw him mix it all together and dip his fortune cookies in it. He had several fortunes that night. He was to win some money, get lucky with someone he was close to, and have a great night. All of them were wrong, although Wayne did find a nickel on the sidewalk.

I have one suggestion if you go there to eat. Eat with chop sticks; it will force your hubby to sit and talk while you take your time to enjoy your meal. Wayne was almost through eating his complete meal before I could get my third bowl of soup. Down at the volunteer fire department station, he is known as the Fastest Fork Alive or Speedy Gonzalas for short. I just call him The Flash. Eating isn’t the only thing he’s fast at.

I do so like to eat and talk, I think it’s so romantic to eat by candle light, and I like to play footsie under the table. Wayne has often been surprised when he got back in the car after an evening like that. Now we try to make sure it’s dark when we go out to eat supper and we park waaaay back on the lot.

I give the Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant 98 pairs of chop sticks out of 100 because I never give all 100 and I always leave room for improvement. I hope we can go back there soon. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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