The center of Waynedale looks like the slums. We have four houses on Lower Huntington that are an eyesore, the property is for sale, they are just before you get to Beaty Avenue. Someone owns them and should be made to clean up the junk lying around. The one with big glass windows has had the same junk in it for years. The one with ‘SALE INSIDE’ is the worst. Another eye sore is the flea market. If something falls off the signs, they just let it go, also there’s wood over windows and some of the trim is falling off. A Goodwill or Salvation Army Store would be better than that.


Mrs. P


Dear Mrs. Dale,

I have enjoyed your column in THE WAYNEDALE NEWS since its inception. Sometimes I disagree with you mildly, and sometimes wildly; but I always look forward to reading your HOMETOWN VIEWS. I just read your review of the Renaissance Family restaurant, and I agree 100% with your views, except for your opinion of their coffee. I have been dining there off and on since they first opened, and I never had a cup of coffee there that I enjoyed! Perhaps it Greek or Arabic coffee. But I could never drink it without putting 2 each cream and sugar in it.

I like moderately strong, unadulterated black coffee! That is, no cream, no sugar, no flavorings! I will also go to great lengths and expense to get good quality coffee, as will many others. Behold the rise of the house of Starbuck and their imitators across our country. If you would like to taste really good coffee, go to Daddio Da Vinci’s on Bluffton Road, in the same building with the Pony Express Bank, and in the location where the sandwich shop was. Ask for a taste of Colombian coffee – they’ll give it to you. Taste it like a wine connoisseur would taste wine. Don’t put anything in it – I think you’ll love it. I know I did. If you take my advice, you’re in for a real coffee experience.


Dave Clark, Waynedale

P.S. I don’t think you should publish this with my comments on the Renaissance Family Restaurant.


Dear Clark Honey,

I don’t think they will mind anymore than my not liking their old smoking room. I am no connoisseur of coffee but I know what I like. I like to get up in the morning and have two or three cups of black coffee, not decafe either. I think the combination of the hot black coffee and the caffeine causes me to have a good healthy constitutional every morning. Since I discovered this trick I have never had to drink prune juice or take laxatives. I think their coffee tastes good also. Wayne said he tried Daddio Da Vinci’s and did like you said, “. . . taste it like a wine connoisseur would taste wine.” He said he thought it was OK but the paper sack leaked and ruined his new IU sweater.

Thank you for writing Hon,

Mrs. Dale


To Mrs. Wayne Dale,

In regards to your last column in the Waynedale News, I’m sure you initiated some anger from the people who smoke. Your comments were very rude to us. We pay a lot of taxes for things that you don’ have to. Also a lot of the smokers you condemned are Veterans who went to war to keep their freedoms. One of which is, if they care to smoke, they should have the right to do so. You, on the other hand do not have to look at the smoke rooms in restaurants; go to a smoke-free restaurant. We won’t upset you there. If you have any more negative remarks on smoking please keep them to yourself.

P.S. Your comments about the Renaissance Restaurant were “right-on”.


A reader – WW2 – Korea Vet.


Dear WW2-Korea Vet.,

Thank you for putting your life on the line for us/me during those two horrible wars. Wayne did the same thing during the Vietnam War and I’m soooo proud of him. Every time a flag goes by he will stand at attention and hold his hand over his heart, the patriotic little dear. I’m sure that you do the same. My daddy was a veteran of WWI and he smoked. He escaped being hurt or killed in the war but he died from emphysema. It wasn’t a pretty way to die. He had lots of tubes in his lungs and other parts of his body. He had machines that breathed for him and machines that pulled thickish gray fluids from his lungs. He suffered a lot before he died. I pray the same thing doesn’t happen to you. As a two-war veteran you deserve to be treated like a hero; why do you want to kill yourself?


One who cares,

Mrs. Wayne Dale

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