Every year, the Indiana Township Association (ITA) organizes the Metro Conference, which provides educational workshops and opportunities for exchanging information. The ITA planning committee, which I was a member of, decided to move the conference around to various cities instead of always having them in Indianapolis. I’m pleased to announce that the Metro Conference (a 4-day event!) is going to be held in Fort Wayne next week during the Three Rivers Festival. I’m so proud to be able to help bring this event to our city, as it will bring in thousands of dollars in revenue to local businesses and festival vendors.

The Wayne Township Computer Explorers Camp is going strong. All of the open slots were filled quickly, thanks to our partnership with First Call for Help. This summer we have been ordering the students’ lunches from the Cottage Flowers, who has done a fantastic job in accommodating us. The lunches are delicious and very reasonably priced. The children seem to enjoy them a great deal, even the ‘picky’ eaters!

People have been calling in every day to find out about the prescription drug saving cards (provided by the pharmaceutical companies), and I’m committed to making applications available on a continuing basis. The great thing that has been happening is that sons and daughters have been calling us, trying to get help for their parents. Many times, people will not seek help when times get tough, and it often takes someone close to them to find resources and encourage them to apply for assistance. This is a great and caring city, and I hope we all continue to look after our loved ones, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

I would like to invite the readers of the Waynedale News to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. If you think someone you know needs help, feel free to call the office and find out what we can do.


Matthew P. Schomburg
Wayne Township Trustee