Why do some people seem to be angry all the time? Do you think they were born angry? Do you think their husband/wife causes them to be angry? Want to know my opinion? You’re going to get it anyway. I’ve studied this a long time and I’ve come to this conclusion. People seem to be angry all the time because they choose to be. People are not born angry they choose to be angry. And last, no one can make you angry or happy because it’s your choice not theirs. I know that there are those who will disagree with me and I welcome your comments.

I remember my dad was always in a good mood in the morning. My mother on the other hand . . . well let’s just say she had some bad days, an awful lot of bad days which, I was told later, was due to menopause. I asked Dad why he was always happy in the morning and he said, “When I get up in the morning, I have two choices; I can be in a good mood or I can be in a bad mood. I always choose the good mood. This is when I learned that moods are chosen like picking out a pair of socks. You want a pair of blue socks, then pick out a pair of blue socks. If you want to be in a good mood then pick out a good mood and slip into it. It’s that simple. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to put on or be in a bad angry mood. I think this might be, what I call, self-inflicted depression. It’s like a self-inflicted wound only it’s of the mind.

If you think different, I recommend you watch THE HOUR OF POWER on television every Sunday morning. This is a positive thinking church program; they preach happiness. I recommend you read a book called THE POWER OF THINKING BIG, a book based on positive thinking. I recommend you read another book called THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, a book that says, “What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve,” – another book that tells you to think positive. Getting the picture? Positive-happy; negative-unhappy. If you are angry, sad, mad, or unhappy then you’re a negative thinking person. If you are happy, carefree, in a good mood, and don’t worry about petty things, you’re a positive thinking person.

Try this. Get up in the morning, put on your happy mood, whistle a favorite tune, sing a happy song, and go kiss your spouse and say, “Good morning Darling.” Watch their reaction. I’ll bet it won’t be a good one. You may have to duck a cup of coffee or bowl of cereal. Now go into work with a smile on your face and a lively spring in your step, even if you feel you have to fake it. Trust me; it will become natural later on. Say, “Good morning Miss . . . or Mr. . . ., how are you this beautiful morning?”

Note their reactions and replies. Nine out of ten or maybe even 99 out of 100 will say, “Hmmmf! What’s good about it?” See if I’m wrong. People tend to bring other people down to their level of discontent. Don’t be a sheep and follow them down; be a leader of happiness and after a while (it might be a few weeks) you will see a change in those normally down, unhappy persons. And being happy will come easier for you. Don’t’ be like the lady that was in front of me at the check out counter one time. The clerk was trying to smile and be nice to all of her customers. She told this lady, “Have a nice day.” The lady said, “Don’t you tell me what kind of day to have,” and then gruffed and frumped off to her car. I know the clerk was hurt so I assured her that the lady was probably just having a bad day; perhaps there was a death in the family or something and I wanted her to wish me a nice day. She said, “I think you’re right and then she smiled again and said, “Have a real nice day.” Read those books and you all have a good big ol’ happy day; ya hear?

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