Grow Spiritually


In what shape is your spiritual life? Americans spend billions of dollars each year on exercise equipment, health supplements, and gym memberships—-all for improving the body’s outer appearance. But what about the growth and development of the inner man? Although the training processes vary, there are several similarities between growing physically and spiritually. First, there are no shortcuts. Both require sacrifice and the commitment to success.

Physical training and spiritual training also require discipline. It is not easy to run in hot, humid weather, or in a cold, wet rain! But just as the athlete is faithful to train even when he doesn’t feel like it or when the weather is bad, the follower of Christ should be focused on obedience to God—-even during life’s storms. After all, real spiritual growth comes as a result of enduring adversity and the nagging aches and pains that we may encounter.

Though physical growth and strength will eventually diminish, spiritual growth need never fade—-it is the process that will result in true obedience to God and His Word. To each one who obeys, God promises victory, peace, and a crown in heaven.

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