P.T. Barnum: “I Told You So.”

Although Phineas Taylor Barnum did not live during the 20th Century (1810-1891) if he was living today about all he could say was; “I Told You So.”

You see P.T. Barnum was quoted; “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute.”

This man who opened “The Greatest Show On Earth” in Brooklyn in 1871 and combined with Bailey (1881) to form Barnum and Bailey Circus knew a lot about human nature.

Lee Stevens, the Indians first baseman was quoted; “We’re doing this for the players of the future. The only reason I’m making the money I’m making this year is because of the guys who went out on strike in 1994.”

He said nothing about the sucker family of four who spend $145.21 for a night at the ballpark. They say you get soaked $228.73 at Fenway Park. I thought part of Lee Steven’s paycheck was paid by the fans.

The Baseball Players Association is not like any other labor union. Don’t compare it to any other labor union. This union allows its members to negotiate their own contracts. One is making $25 million a year and some are making only $200,000. Could Barnum have been talking about ballplayers?

Nothing will happen after this situation is over, as the fans will come back in great numbers.

You see folks Barnum told what would happen.