Written by Alexandrea Ann Reed, 12 years old

(Sandra Reed’s granddaughter)


Red, White, and Blue.
I wish they had yellow too.
People take off their hats,
Young, old, skinny, and fat,
To honor our flag which flies.
It flies in the breeze,
It flies in the rain.
It flies for the people, who suffered the pain,
While people are singing about our pride,
Some are thinking of those who died.
For when we come together we really don’t care,
About the color, the size, or the big hair.
We think like one, we act like one,
And it makes some people want to dance in the sun.
But there is war going on, and we must be careful,
About who we trust, and whom we follow.
So stop asking each other who we are,
It really doesn’t matter.
We think like one, we act like one,
So why don’t you come dance in the sun?