As you have probably heard, the local US Post Office recently sent a letter to many postal customers asking that mailboxes be moved from the front of homes to the sidewalk. One of the ZIP codes affected by this request is the 46809 area which includes much of the “Waynedale News” reading public. It is my understanding that this measure is designed to protect our hard-working postal workers who haul thousands of pounds of mail up and down steps every week. As I understand it, moving mailboxes is a recommendation but not a requirement of postal authorities. I was glad to hear that news, especially since there are so many elderly and disabled citizens who really aren’t able to go to the street to pick up mail, especially on cold winter days. Hopefully mailboxes can be moved when it makes sense but elderly and disabled individuals will not be required to do so—-that’s how the plan is supposed to work as I understand it. If you receive any letters or calls that aren’t in keeping with the above scenario give me a call!

By the time you read this column City Council may well have voted on the proposed historic designation for Smith Field Airport. While I’ve become more and more sympathetic to keeping Smith Field open for general aviation pilots, I believe that the Airport Authority—-which also over sees Fort Wayne International Airport—-makes a good point. A historic designation for Smith Field would likely interfere with the authority’s ability to either close or maintain and improve Smith Field. The last thing I want to see happen is for the Airport Authority to become embroiled in legal battles over the future of Smith Field. That organization has plenty to keep it busy looking after an asset which is vital to the future of this community and especially the south side of Fort Wayne—-Fort Wayne International Airport. I’m still considering my vote at the time of this writing. If the historic designation isn’t granted I’d encourage the Airport Authority to reconsider its prior decision to shut down Smith Field. Let me know your thoughts regarding this issue!

Fort Wayne’s City Utilities division has begun a huge $11 million project. That department plans to convert the over 65,000 water customers to an automatic meter reading system that can accurately read you water meter from a vehicle driving down the street. This should correct some prior problems including citizens being concerned about city workers knocking on their door requesting entry to read meters as well as inaccurate billing based on inaccurate estimates of water consumption which can be very frustrating to City Utilities rate payers. The plan which will be implemented over several years makes sense to me especially because it will save lots of money as well as headaches during coming years. I do have one major problem with this project: the 10-12 meter readers who will be put out of work, I’ve asked the utility administration for written assurance that what they are telling City Council is true—-that these employees who lose their jobs will be given equivalent jobs with the city so that savings can be realized through job attrition, not direct layoffs. I’d also like to hear your opinion regarding this matter.

Thanks to Bunn Trucking on Lower Huntington Road for agreeing to clean up a nearby ditch. I won’t get into all of the details but I really appreciate Bunn’s taking on this project. Also, be sure to vote in the general election on Tuesday, November 5th! If you need an absentee ballot be sure the application reaches the Voter Registration office by Monday, October 28th at the latest. You can obtain an application at the Voter Registration Office on Calhoun Street or give me a call at 432-8418 and I’ll make sure you obtain one. Also, give me a call with any problems or suggestions.


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

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