Fortney Enterprises announces their upcoming production, “And the next president…is?” to be performed on Thursday, October 17th, Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th at Founders Hall, Taylor University. The evening performances will be at 7:30pm and on Saturday, a matinee is offered at 2pm. Taylor University is located on Rudisill Blvd, in Fort Wayne.

Over the past three years Fortney Enterprises has written, produced, and directed comedy plays like, “So…you’re in the hospital?” and “You’re in the hospital…too?” and last year’s production of “Is this the right restaurant?” Their plays are clean, funny and entertaining, centering around good, light hearted fun for the whole family.

Monty and Rae Ann Fortney, Fortney Enterprises are working hard on their 5th production, “And the next president…is?” which is a revised remake of their first production. Writer Monty Fortney started his career in play production when he was a church camp counselor in 1984. He has played in civic theatres, several television commercials, and 4 or 5 movies. Monty says, “I write through the eyes of the actors. Every part is vital.”

This play presents a day in the campaign life of a governor running for president. Will he make it through the dinner, the debate, press conferences? This is his big chance to impress the nation. Can he do it? This campaign comedy farce consists of in-laws, a brother, the press, a Senator from Texas, his opposition-The President, campaign manager and other various characters on Winford Barnes’ quest to become President. During the Presidential Debate you will get some hunting tips: “Hide the evidence? And shoot anything that moves?!” and find out that Governor Barnes detests violence, he has only 40 guns in his house.

So the Peoples Choice for “the next president…is?”