Baseball Is Over In Fort Wayne


The summer went so fast and now we must accept the fact that baseball is over in Fort Wayne. Some of you may be thinking what comes to my mind; “I missed so much local baseball this year.” There were some high school, Little League, Connie Mack, and Wizards games that I missed. Many times something got in the way of taking in a game and this shouldn’t happen because you only live once.

To me an empty ballpark is a very sad sight. One of the most sorrowful observations I have ever seen was at Mattoon, Illinois. Coming back from a vacation one summer I passed where the ballpark used to be. It had been turned into a junkyard. A junk car sat on home plate, a junk car was on second base, and one was where the flagpole used to be at center field. I remember when there was plenty of action at that park. The answer for this happening is: “Times have changed.”

When I was young I thought I would die when baseball ended. No games to see and no games to umpire. Some years I would beat the season. Quit my job and head south. Umpire a few baseball school games, on to Florida State and work a couple of their invitational tournaments, and then to Waycross, Georgia (Milwaukee Braves Training Camp) before the season actually started. This ended when a pretty blond came into my life. When New Year’s Day comes I’m going to say: “This year I’m going to take in more local baseball games.” Does this sound like a bad resolution? I don’t think so because that’s the way I see it now.

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