Ooooooohhh I have to tell you about a place that will bring back a lot of memories if you were raised up in the era of the 40’s or maybe even the 50’s. It was called ‘George’s’ and it’s on Jefferson Street in Huntington, Indiana. I think maybe the full name is George’s Hot Dog Stand; I saw it printed both ways. It first appears to be a small ‘hole-in-the-wall’ place.

Tubby Hubby and I were out joy riding and decided to stop somewhere and get a snackypoo. As usual I had our Entertainment Book with us. It’s full of coupons for places to eat you know? Some of them are for other towns besides Fort Wayne. There’s even some for Decatur. Our oldest son gave it to us for Christmas last year. Of course we have saved a lot of money over the year by going out to eat and getting one free meal when we purchase another meal. It’s like eating for half price and when you’re on a fixed income like Wayne and I are, then every penny counts. That’s when I found the coupon for George’s. We could buy one entrée and get another free.

We both ordered what the waitress called a ‘patty melt’. I wanted mine with a little mayonnaise and a few pickles. Wayne ordered his with ‘the works’. I think they put everything they had in the kitchen on it. I had to turn my head to keep from watching him glom that mess down. He even rolled up his sleeves, put his elbows on the table, and the waitress brought two dishtowels to wrap around his elbows to catch the juices that ran down his forearms. He finally gave up, put the thing on a big platter and ate it with a fork and spoon. I ate mine like a lady.

I do so love their ‘patty melt’ sandwich. It was actually a cheeseburger on buttered toast but it did taste so good. And their French fries, what can I say? They were done to perfection. They were hot and golden brown and lovely. I like to dip mine lightly in ketchup before I nibble on them. Wayne douses his with salt and pepper and them covers them in ketchup while they are on the plate. He eats them with his fingers, yuck.

We each had a piece of pumpkin pie but I wish I had ordered mine heated up with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. Wayne picked his up and ate it with his fingers, the little barbarian. Deed I’m going to have to leave him in the car and take food out to him when we go out to eat. If it weren’t for the fact that he would make a bigger mess in my brand new car, I would do just that. I know he tries hard but he does make up for his lack of manners in other ways; he’s not messy in bed. In fact he’s really neat in bed but that’s another story.

Anyway, after we (both the waitress and I) cleaned him up and he paid our bill, we got to looking around the restaurant. There’s another whole great big room off the main dining area. The lights were out but you could see a lot of tables and chairs in there so that told me they must have a huge overflow during meal times. I’ll bet they could seat a hundred people in there. George’s is more than just a little-hole-in-the wall place after all.

There are old signs from the 50’s era and all kinds of stuff that brought back a lot of memories. They have model cars from the 1940, 1950, and 1960 era on shelves on the wall. Wayne and I used to cuddle in some of those very same kinds of cars. That’s back when we went to the drive-in theater a lot and had to keep cleaning the fog off the inside of the windows in order to make people around us think we were watching the movie. Oh those were the days. Wayne and I had one of those days as soon as we got home. He does clean up nicely.

They had an old jukebox that had long lit-up bubble lights that went from the bottom to the top. I don’t know if the thing worked or not but I’ll try it the next time we go there. If you’re in Huntington and get the hungries, then I recommend you try George’s. I liked them and I’ll give them a big 98 forks of approval. Until next time Taa Taaa.