Part of my mission as trustee is to continually develop and implement plans that will improve services to the citizens of Wayne Township. One project that has been in development for several months is our Disaster Recovery Plan. We here at Wayne Township want to make sure that we will be fully functional and ready for business as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Planning for disasters can be time consuming because there are many scenarios to consider. They range from the typical fire & floods to computer viruses to large-scale levels of destruction. While it makes us comfortable to believe disasters are unlikely, we have to prepare for them “just in case.” The recent destruction that our neighboring counties experienced when the tornados hit is a glaring reminder that disasters can strike suddenly and severely. Wayne Township has been commended for its high level of preparedness and is one of the few government organizations to achieve this level of readiness.

Recently we have been exploring new technology that will increase our efficiency and allow us to become a more user-friendly office. Electronic funds transfer is a method of payment that can benefit both vendors and clients. This shortens the delay in vendors receiving money, making it more convenient for them, and at the same time it would reduce or eliminate the late fees charged to recipients.

I am looking forward to the next four years of serving the citizens of Wayne Township. My staff and I have some innovative ideas and projects ahead of us. If you have any suggestions or would simply like some information on how township government works, please don’t hesitate to call me. Thank you again for your support.


Matthew P. Schomburg
Wayne Township Trustee