Bethany Lutheran’s Senior Pastor, Charles Varsogea, has been called to serve. But this time, it is for war. He is also a Lieutenant in the Navy. He left on February 26, 2003 to join 1000 Marine’s in the 1st Battalion 24th Marine Corp., headquartered in Detroit.

His service will be as he was trained, to serve as the Chaplain, ministering to all faiths. Varsogea said, “The Chaplain’s role is not to fight but to be there for the troops. I will be holding church services for the Lutherans and then will provide a non-communion church service for all faiths, preaching the good news just like I do at Bethany Lutheran on Engle Road, in Fort Wayne, IN.”

Pastor Charles Varsogea said that as for the feelings about war, they are mixed. The closer we get to war however, the larger the attendance gets at his military worship services. He has also baptized a lot of service men and women and performed many marriages for those preparing to leave.

Since his call to war, he has left his parish in good hands. Pastor Chad Trouten who has been serving as Associate Pastor since 2001, will be leading the worship services at Bethany. Bethany Lutheran, located south of Indian Village in Waynedale offers divine service on Sundays at 9am and on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Pastor Varsogea commented that times like these can be very stressful and sometimes the need for help to adjust to these changes is needed. The change from civilian life to full time military life can be difficult, particularly for the families left behind. He would like all service members and military families to know that Bethany Lutheran’s congregation has been great in supporting him and that if they are ever in need that they should call the church for help at 747-0713. He is also available to serve through email at