Recently newly elected Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards spoke before City Council and answered City Council members’ questions. She provided an update on the functions of her office that all Council members feel must integrate its functions as smoothly as possible with the Police and Sheriff’s Departments, as well as, the Court system. There has generally been the feeling that the Prosecutor’s Office has been less vigorous than it should have been in prosecuting cases during the last 2 or 3 years (before Prosecutor Richards came on board). If a Fort Wayne policeman arrests a lawbreaker and that criminal isn’t prosecuted the end result is a chronic “revolving door” of arrested criminals ending up back out on the street. My bet is that Prosecutor Richards will apply the law firmly and fairly. Crime in Fort Wayne may well decrease further as a result of a more vigorous approach by the Prosecutor’s Office—time will tell.

May 17th is an important day for Fort Wayne’s citizens. That’s the (preliminary) date of the Annual City Cleanup. May 17th is especially important because that’s also the day on which everyone in Fort Wayne should do everything possible to eliminate potential sites for standing water that may act as a breeding site for mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus. As time passes you’ll hear more and more about the importance of “preventative” measures such as the continuing elimination of mosquito breeding sites and personal use of insect repellants in fighting the West Nile Virus. The mosquito “vectors” for the virus like stagnant water to lay their eggs. If water is flowing or if water in a container such as a birdbath is changed frequently the mosquito larvae cannot reproduce. Consider adding some small fish to any pond on your property since they often keep mosquito larvae under good control. The FWAC Health Department will be adding non-insecticide agents to some stagnant water sites such as storm water catch basins to eliminate mosquito larvae. The current plan is to spray for adult mosquitoes only if large numbers of West Nile Virus laden mosquitoes are detected or if documented human cases are diagnosed. In that situation spraying will be preceded by public notification and will include a limited area only (probably 1/2 mile) around the residence of an active case of “WNV” infection. If you haven’t already contacted your neighborhood representatives about participating in the May 17th cleanup make a call today and get involved. Thanks!

There are 2 public works projects (from a long list which are scheduled) that are planned for the 2003 construction year that will probably be of interest to citizens of “The Waynedale News” area. For some time I’ve been hearing complaints that the lighting on Engle Road isn’t adequate. In conjunction with the Kyle Road Neighborhood Association (which included this item in their CEDIT requests for 2003) and the street lighting engineers several thousand dollars will be spent on new lights along Engle Road near Earth Drive. There’s quite a bit of heavy truck traffic in that area at night and new lighting should enhance safety. I should also mention the good news that the residents of Ideal north and south of Lower Huntington Road.; Baer, Beaty, and Elzey south of LHRd.; and Dalevue and Fernwood north of LHRd. are all scheduled to have new water lines installed in 2003. Please be patient with the construction process—the eventual improvements should be well worth the temporary “hassle” as new water lines are constructed.

Give me a call or email me with any questions or suggestions to make our city a better place to live.

Have a great Spring!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman—4th District