The next few issues of “Here’s To Your Health” came from a medical doctor’s taped scientific presentation made before other professionals. The doctor’s name is Dr. B from Louisville and he’s still practicing medicine in Louisville, KY. I first heard Dr. B. speak at the Grand Wayne Center here in Fort Wayne and after I listened to his cassette tapes titled, “Alcoholism, The Disease, Call It What It Is,” I decided to share some of that information with you. These tapes are much too long and technically involved for the allotted space in this column, but they can be ordered in their entirety from BLUEPRINT TAPES—950 Morgan St.—-Clinton, IN 47842 or by phone 765-832-9901, or email: ><. For many years Dr. B. has been affiliated with Louisville’s “Healing House,” where they treat an average of 180 alcoholics and addicts per day.

“Dr. B said, “I always wondered why the AMA didn’t kick me out, I got kicked out of medical school, but they let me back in, and I almost got put in Leavenworth prison for doing amphetamines in the Army, but their definition of addiction saved me: “if the addicted one doesn’t die coming off the drug (I didn’t) then he or she isn’t really addicted.” Truth is, the only drug that causes death from withdrawal is alcohol, some of the others might make you shake like a dog passing a peach seed, but they’re almost never fatal. 15 percent of the people detoxified for alcohol will go into Delirium Tremens (DT’s) and of that 15 percent, about 15 percent of them die unless a specialized team of professionals correctly diagnoses DT’s and immediately injects them before their seizures begin because sometimes after they start we cannot stop them!

After leaving the Army I didn’t drink on the job, but as soon as I was out of the office, I drank a quart of whiskey a day until my alcoholism progressed to the point that I couldn’t face going to the office and the only thing I could think of was to stick a 12 gauge shotgun in my mouth. It took that to humble me enough to ask for help.

Bill Wilson became willing to believe the truth and it changed his whole life after Doctor Silkworth explained to him in the “Doctor’s Opinion:” Alcoholism is a disease that affects both the mind and body of the alcoholic, its a physical craving and mental obsession, and if an alcoholic fails to see truth and the truth that their bodies will never again metabolize alcohol in a normal fashion and that the older they get the more progressive their disease, then it’s fatal. When we factor in suicides, homicides, and severe trauma can anybody deny that alcohol is the “King,” over all chemical compounds reeking misery, and destruction in our world? Any alcoholic’s dilemma is admitting they are alcoholic, it’s called denial; this disease tells its victim they don’t have it. Today I don’t shy away from truth, and the more research we do the more truth we see about alcoholism and addiction. William D. Silkworth MD, wrote the “Doctor’s Opinion” in the early 1930’s. The AMA recognized alcoholism as a disease in 1955 and in 1985 they also said drug addiction was a disease. This is not an AA lead, and I would never say in AA what I’m about to say here, but this is more than my personal opinion, it’s scientific data collected from more than 6,000 cases. Alcohol is our society’s darling drug of choice, and it’s perfectly OK for 90 percent of our population to drink it, but it’s the kiss of death for the 10 percent who are alcoholic. When we factor in the alcohol related deaths from cancers, cirrhosis, pancreas disorders, homicide, suicide, auto accident, accidental death and about 90 percent of the cases in our trauma units it’s become glaringly obvious that alcohol is the real 500-pound gorilla.” To be continued next issue.

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