The Wayne Township Trustee’s Office has several programs designed to assist the citizens of our community. Our Payee Program is intended to offer those client’s who have money management issues an avenue of self-sufficiency. It is a free service offered to beneficiaries of Social Security who reside in Wayne Township and are unable to manage their own financial affairs. The program ensures that the beneficiary’s environmental needs for shelter, food, medical and dental needs (not covered by health insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid) are met. Benefits are then used for the participant’s personal needs, such as clothing, recreation and other expenses or funds may be saved on their behalf. Monthly benefits are directly deposited into a bank account where they are, safe and secure.

The program has prevented shelter evictions and utility disconnects. Payment arrangements are often made, and current agreements adjusted, to satisfy outstanding debts, preventing hardship, and damage to credit.

Participants are assisted with applications for other programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, and Fort Wayne Housing Authority. If eligible, participants are assisted with clothing, household furniture, and appliances from social services and community providers.

Complete income and expense verification is available upon the participant’s request in order to obtain and maintain assistance from other agencies and social services. A transaction register verifying deposits, expenses paid, and balance in account is issued monthly.

If you have a question or comment for the Wayne Township Trustee, please write to: Voice of the Township, c/o Matthew Schomburg-Trustee, 320 East Superior Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. For additional information regarding the Payee Program or to make an application, contact William Carr at (260) 449-7000, ext. 319.

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