“More great service to come for veterans in need”


Earlier this month Wayne Township was proud to have two U.S. Veteran staff members Robert “Shorty” Geiger and Jason Hile, along with myself, attend the Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs Veteran Service Officer Training. This training instructed participants on proper use of those portions of the Indiana code that pertain to veterans and benefits for veterans and their dependents and survivors. It also included a summary of most federal benefits and directories of individuals and agencies most often contacted when seeking assistance for veterans. While some veterans are aware of their federal benefits, far fewer are aware of the additional services and benefits available through the state.

Recently, informed veterans have shown great optimism regarding the future of benefits because of the strong national leadership of Anthony Principi; Secretary of the Veterans Administration.

Indiana is fortunate to have an exceptional Director of Veteran Affairs in Bill Jackson at the helm of state issues. Even with the great directors in place on these levels, there would be a struggle for veterans locally without awareness of these benefits. Our County Commissioners continue to provide leadership in their appointment of outstanding individuals in key positions.

Our Allen County Veteran Service Officer George Jarboe is without question one of the most qualified and dedicated servants to veterans in the state. As we attended this training class, any time we mentioned being from Allen County, his peers just couldn’t stop praising George and his ability to serve more veterans at a higher level than any other state officer. George made us as proud to be from Allen County, as we were of him.

As Trustee I have always tried to avoid the duplication of services by spending your tax dollars wisely. By linking veterans with their due benefits Wayne Township has been able to find federal dollars to respond to local needs. George Jarboe may be one of the best Veterans Service Officers in the state, but veterans who are unaware of the services cannot benefit from them. Veterans in need come to the township for general assistance, it is my responsibility, as Trustee, to provide them with all the information at my disposal.

If you have any questions about basic services and how they coordinate with veteran’s benefits please call our office and ask for Jason Hile or Shorty Geiger at 449-7000 ext. 323. By continuing to make use of all available resources whether federal, state, county, faith- based or corporate; Wayne Township can continue to provide more services to those in need with less of your tax dollars, fulfilling it’s mission as “Guardian of the Taxpayer, Advocate of the Poor”.