This week’s “Here’s To Your Health,” is the end of a series of articles taken from Doctor B’s tapes titled. “Alcoholism, The Disease, Call It What It Is.” Alcohol addiction stands head and shoulders above all other addictions. “It’s wonderful we spend billions watching our borders, but we also spend another billion promoting alcohol, saying, “Life is good, but what makes it better?”


“Alcohol.” We glamorize alcohol, it’s our society’s darling drug of choice, and it’s the most abused by young people. We hear the beautiful people say, “it’s the fruit from the Gods that make us glad, and it is for 90 percent of our population, but it’s the kiss of death for the 10-14 percent of our population who are alcoholic. Alcohol is gutting our society while the general population remains focused on crack cocaine and other street drugs? No sane person could argue that prohibition and stricter laws is the answer, when they cause running gun battles in our streets and kids selling drugs out of their cars. This writer could easily argue that an alcoholic has a negative effect on, at least ten, other people, spouses, immediate family, co-workers, neighbors, boss, and if the alcoholic is a supervisor, police officer or a politician they can have a terrible effect on hundreds, or even thousands of other people. The Allen County area contains approximately 300,000 people and at minimum 30 thousand are alcoholic and they are a huge problem! Of the approximate 30,000 alcoholics in this area, less than a thousand are involved in AA while others go untreated. If by some miracle that same ten percent changed their soul polarity from negative to positive, had a spiritual awakening, complete psychic change, or were born again, it would begin the healing process and restore peace and harmony where chaos rules.

Doctor B said, alcoholism is chronic, progressive and fatal one hundred percent of the time if it’s left untreated but it’s absolutely treatable and treatment begins with education!” At the Healing House, after the patient is withdrawn from alcohol, they are encouraged to participate in AA and they are led through the book, “Alcoholics Anonymous,” word-by-word, by reputable AA sponsors. Few people who read the Big Book understand it because they read it like a dime novel instead of a textbook that has specific instructions on how to have a spiritual awakening. In some cases the awakening is sudden and profound accompanied by a bright light, but most often the awakening is of the more subtle and educational variety. Doctor B. suggests daily prayer and meditation, two Big Book Study (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings a week, open and closed AA meetings and he also suggests they clean the dirt off their shoes and go to church on Sunday. AA’s success rate varies from 14 to 20 percent on the first pass and that’s admittedly lousy, but it will continue to be lousy until we start working the program of Alcoholics Anonymous by the book and quit confusing the issue by trying to work it on our own.

There may come a day when alcoholism can be predicted by genetic mapping, but for now there’s nothing we can do about the percentages for predisposed addiction, but we can begin educating our children before they’re addicted. Dr. B has personally talked to over 50,000 children in the Jefferson County school system and it’s far easier to educate them before they’re addicted than it is to fix them after the fact. To be continued…