There’s a brand new book author in town. Ray McCune, Associate Editor of The Waynedale News, has just notified us that his book, titled HOW TO EAT A WILD GREEN PANCAKE and other humorous tales, is now available on the Internet at and it is also available to order at Barnes & Noble, either on the internet or at their book stores. It should be available to order at other bookstores in the area as well. Ray said it wouldn’t be stocked on the shelves. “Just tell them you want to order my book, give them the title (HOW TO EAT A WILD GREEN PANCAKE and other humorous tales), or give them the name of the author (Ray McCune), or give them the Library of Congress Control Number (2003093092), and they can order it for you.”

According to Ray it takes only a few days for the book to arrive once you’ve placed the order. He said this is a new form of book publication called P.O.D. or Print On Demand. They print the books as they are ordered. This eliminates having a warehouse full of books waiting to be sold and books sitting around on the shelves gathering dust. When asked what his book would cost, he said, “The price, when ordering directly from my publisher at is $19.50 plus tax and shipping; the price at bookstores, like Barnes and Noble, will probably be around $22.95. That’s what they told me.”

We asked him if his book is about cooking, he replied, “No, definitely not. Despite the fact that I write a monthly column called KAMPFIRE KOOKIN’ for different outdoor magazines, the book has nothing to do with cooking, or recipes. It’s a collection of stories about a boy, his brother, and four of his childhood chums growing up in the hills of West Virginia during the mid-50s, and about the funny adventures they have. It’s all fictional ‘tongue in cheek’ humor. What’s tongue in cheek humor? That’s where you read or listen to something and you roll your eyes and say, yeah, right, but at the same time you can’t keep from laughing; it’s so ridiculous.”

Ray said he has already written a second and a third book and book number two should be available to order sometime around the end of the year. Book number three should be available by next spring. The titles have yet to be decided but he’s leaning toward calling book number two, HOW TO TUNE A NOSE WHISTLE and other humorous tales. He said both books are also humorous with book two being a continuation of his first book but not exactly a sequel. The third book will be humorous but will have a slightly different twist. That title has yet to be decided.

Ray told us that he has written a monthly humor column called ‘HUMOR CORNER’ for MidWest Outdoors Magazine for several years now and book number two is mostly a collection of those humor columns. He let us in on a little secret; actually we had to pry it out of him. He said, “In each of my books, ‘Boy Scouts’ will be mentioned in every chapter.”

He said it his way of reminding the world, in a subliminal way, that the Boy Scout organization is still out there and thriving in spite of the fact that there are a lot of people trying to rip the organization apart for not compromising their ethics nor letting down their high standards and admitting those persons that refuse to adhere to their moral, religious, and patriotic standards, beliefs and code.

In addition, he said that ten percent of the profit from the sale of his books will be donated to a local church, hopefully to be used to help support their Scouting program.

When asked about autographed copies, Ray said, “I’ll try to have some books for sale here at The Waynedale News office ASAP. And yes, I will autograph them.”