Congratulations to Elmhurst’s football team and Coach Roosevelt Norfleet for their great upset football victory in the team’s first game of the season! The team showed great spirit during and after that game. Hopefully, Elmhurst is going to have several more football victories this fall! Good Luck to Elmhurst!

When it comes to athletic events, another Waynedale athletic team has much to brag about this summer! The Avalon Swim and Dive Teams both won championships in the Fort Wayne City Swim and Dive Meet. Avalon and Pocohontas Swim Clubs both have a long tradition of frequent victories in city swim meets—it’s great to see that tradition continue!

As you may know, I have been an advocate of doing more spraying of nuisance mosquitoes during the recent mosquito “epidemic” despite the fact that no unit of local, state, or federal government has shared my approach to date. The mosquito problem became so extreme during late July and early August that many of the residents of the south side of Fort Wayne had to essentially “hibernate” inside their homes despite the use of DEET and other preventative measures such as eliminating stagnant water sites on their property. I feel that it’s likely that decreasing the bulk of mosquitoes now would help prevent transmission of West Nile Virus later this year. I’ve been encouraging neighborhoods and individual citizens to spray for adult mosquitoes (with all of the usual precautions) since there’s no public nuisance mosquito spray program in Fort Wayne or Allen County at this time. Hopefully, all of the measures being used will have a beneficial effect as we head into the fall.

As you’ve probably heard, a judge in northern Indiana recently ruled that the city’s condemnation of Southtown Mall cannot more forward for technical reasons. I feel that the rejuvenation of Southtown is very important to Fort Wayne—especially the South Side—and I intend to fight hard to make sure that the City of Fort Wayne continues the fight to rehabilitate Southtown and bring 500 new jobs to the city. Let me know your thoughts on this issue!

Finally, I’ve been encouraged by the additional development at the intersection of Bluffton and Winchester Roads. A new housing project and 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union branch are among several businesses being opened at that site. Fort Wayne’s storm water and traffic engineers are paying close attention to potential problems with traffic and flooding as they work with developers to make sure things are done the right way.

Give me a call or send me an email if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding any matters of importance to citizens of Waynedale, Indian Village, and the remainder of Fort Wayne!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman—4th District