An Investment In Our Future


On August first we held the 4th annual banquet for our computer explorers summer youth program. Over 140 parents attended to honor their children and the program itself.

The Computer Explorers Camp at the Wayne Township Trustee Office has been designed to teach and inspire disadvantaged children about computer technology and how it applies to their world. This camp accomplishes its goal in two ways, first the children are taught a wide variety of computer skills through hands-on and creative learning. Second, through educational software and local fieldtrips, the children learn how computer technology relates to the world around them. Through this fun and engaging camp, the children are exposed to topics in nature, health, culture, history, arts, geography, urban planning, and technology. There are four separate camps, each lasting two weeks, and each with a different theme. Morning sessions included children in grades 1 to 3, and afternoon sessions included children in grades 4 to 6.


Camp One – The Living Planet

Students learned about the fascinating plants and animals that share the earth with us. They also discovered exciting facts about humans. Students used both a digital microscope and digital camera. They learned basic first aid and created their own first aid kits.


Camp Two – Castles & Queens / Fantasy City

Campers investigated the medieval period of castles and queens (and kings) through various pieces of software. Students used the computer to gain information and to create crests, castles, books, and crafts. Students searched the past to design a city of their dreams using graphic and architectural software. Students created and printed the buildings, cut them out, and then assembled their cities.


Camp Three – World Explorer

Students explored each continent and learned about people, animals, cultures, oceans and volcanoes by exploring a wide variety of software. Students took part in a World Scavenger hunt, learned map skills and created their own maps. Finally, students created their own “eighth” continent as they learned the geographical features of a continent using technology as their primary tool.


Camp Four – Technology Adventure

Students built and programmed machines and vehicles. They made electrical circuits, experimented with them, and used both space and science software. Students designed a cookie factory, built an edible volcano, planned and assembled buildings.



The mission of the Wayne Township Trustee’s Computer Explorers Camp is to provide personalized quality education to the children of Fort Wayne’s inner city; to provide hands-on computer experience designed to develop related skills; to demonstrate how computer technology is utilized in real-world applications; and to use creative learning techniques to teach educational concepts. By fostering confidence and enthusiasm in these skills, we hope the children will welcome technology and education into their futures.

The program is funded by a grant from the Paul Clarke Foundation; Wayne Township provides the office space, transportation and recruits the youth. The computer explorers program is another shining example of the townships larger role as guardian of the taxpayer and advocate of the poor.

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