Letter from Mary Keefer, Principal of Bishop Luers High School

Teaching is the best job around. It is so exciting for me to hear that a former student has entered the teaching profession. Bishop Luers High School truly enjoys the opportunity to welcome student teachers to our school. Teaching is not a vocation for the faint of heart. You teach when you don’t feel very well. You teach when it’s 95 degrees in your room. You teach through interruptions. You teach the hard to reach and those who wish they were elsewhere. Sometimes you present the same material five different times to five diverse groups of students and sometimes you teach five different lessons a day. You teach those who don’t want to learn and you teach those who know far more than you’ll ever know. You put as much effort into teaching one student as you do into teaching 30 students. You teach the same material over and over again, in a myriad of ways until the message is received. You vary your methods of delivery using the board, the over-head projector, your words, the text book, a computer, other written references, maps, guest speakers, field trips, charts, graphs, whatever it takes to facilitate understanding. Then you must prove to yourself and your students that learning has occurred, so assessment becomes the issue. You test with paper and pen, with bubble sheets, with written essays, theme papers, research papers, student presentations, oral quizzing and testing, and or projects. Always, always, always, the question becomes “How can I best reach each and every student who comes my way?”

It has been said that teaching is a vocation, not a “job.” When one considers that Jesus was the greatest teacher of all, the vocation thing makes perfect sense. It is a calling; it is truly a noble profession. The opportunity to reach young people is awe-inspiring. What a responsibility it is to stand before your children day after day and have an effect on their thought process. Teachers can and do make a tremendous difference in the lives of young men and women.

During this time of year, let’s give thanks to our teachers.