Kenny Aschliman didn’t plan on painting murals, but that is what he has been doing lately. Kenny is a sophomore at South Side High School and has been picking up some summer money by painting murals on the interior walls of homes.

Mike and Judy Fry, Lafayette Center Road recently hired Kenny to paint a picture of the Grand Canyon in her living room.

“We visited the Grand Canyon on a vacation and we had fond memories of the scenery. We purchased a photo album on the most breathtaking scenes, and decided we would like to have one painted in our living room.”

“We have known the Aschliman’s for many years and when we heard that Ken was doing that type of work we called him,” stated Judy.

Kenny said that the first mural he did was for Mrs. Johnson. People began to talk about the quality of his work and he has now done five other murals.

Kenny has taken art at South Side and taken a Graphics Art course at Saint Francis College. Other than that he has learned by doing and picking up work and ideas along the way.

Indoor mural paintings have been around since Roman times and have recently been gaining in popularity.

Although his first priority is still school, Kenny takes the painting work as it comes. He has no definite goals for a career in art, but he likes what he is doing and will try to keep all his options open.