The Pocahontas Swim Team finished their 4-1 season with a second-place overall finish at the City Meet, held July 18th. Head Coach Andy Krouse stated, “I was extremely happy with our team’s performance at City this year. Our kids had a lot of fun and that is what City is all about.”

Coached by Krouse and assistant Richie McEntee, the swim team boasts membership of 103 swimmers, with 71 of these making it into the final or consolation heats at city competition.

Pocahontas is especially proud of its prep team swimmers, coached by Molly McEntee and Julie Krouse. Starting with a group of 21 swimmers, these coaches completed 3 prep meets and were able to advance more than half the group to competition with the full team, including some events at City.

The Pocahontas Dive Team is looking for their team to continue to grow. Several divers, including Marta Bleed, Katie Black and Sarah Kusisto, made strong finishes at the City Dive Meet, held July 24th. “We’re looking forward to next year and being able to host meets”, stated team parent representative Tracy Black.