Herbert Carr grew up on the Southwest side of Fort Wayne. He attended Central High School, has a Bachelor’s degree from Manchester College and a Master’s degree from Indiana University.

Mr. Carr comes to Maplewood from Holland Elementary School where he was an assistant principal. Prior to that he was a fifth and sixth grade teacher at Weisser Park Elementary and has taught at Memorial Park and Lakeside Middle Schools.

Mr. Carr stated that one of his goals at Maplewood was to emphasize literacy through reading programs. He would like to actively include not only the parents in the reading programs but also include local businesses. He is looking for volunteers to come in and read to the kids.

“I would like to visit some of the neighborhood association meetings, as well as, visit local businesses to promote and educate the community about the excellent programs at Maplewood Elementary School,” stated Carr.

Maplewood was built in 1956. The first principal was Lawrence Warner between 1956 and 1968. Following Mr. Warner was Arthur Myers, 1968-1992, David Weber, 1992-1997 and Steve Ecenbarger, 1997-2003. As the fifth principal at Maplewood, Herbert Carr is carrying on a rich tradition of learning on the southwest side of Fort Wayne.