Hallowe’en has come and gone, and I would guess a lot of the treats have been consumed.‑ And the tricks?‑ Well, a little soap never hurt anyone.‑ What hurts is to see Christmas ornaments and artificial Christmas trees before we see the little goblins at our door for a little treat.‑ Who in the world wants to see Santa before we see the beautiful fall colors and have a piece of pumpkin pie and an apple dumpling or two?

‑Hold on!‑ There’s a great big treat that is offered to all of us, a heavenly treat that is eternal.‑ Wow! Is it Thanksgiving already?‑ Yes indeed, and it comes before, during, and after Hallowe’en.‑ The real trick is to have faith, and the treat comes when we believe and have the faith of a child.‑ Then when we knock on the door of The Creator, it will swing wide open to a real big treat called Paradise.‑ No tricks here, and for that I am happy for all of us.‑ It’s Thanksgiving Day today and everyday.‑ Oh yes, it comes before Hallowe’en.

God bless us all!


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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