Our new Wayne Township employment program, “Assistance to Independence,” is in full swing, and I am very proud of how well the program is going.

As part of the program, we are conducting mandatory training every week at the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office for our assistance clients who are able to work. The training is focused on getting jobs for our clients and helping them move from “Assistance to Independence.”

There are so many aspects to our employment program that the program is hard to summarize in one column. The program is being coordinated by our Deputy Trustee, LeRoy Page, and involves a partnership approach to obtaining employment for as many clients as possible.

The partners consist of the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office, local employers and our clients. Our office is coordinating the employment effort by working with employers to locate jobs and preparing clients to fill those jobs. Many companies have partnered with Wayne Township to provide job opportunities for our clients.

The most important partner in the program is the clients themselves. In the final analysis, it will be up to the clients to set career goals, learn the necessary skills to get a job and work hard to secure and keep the job they want and need.

Thus far, our clients have done job assessment testing to assist them to find the right job or career for them. We have used both Wayne Township employees and community resources to conduct the weekly training. We regularly have had between thirty and forty clients participating.

During the training sessions, I have spoken to the clients about the importance of finding employment and our plans to help them meet their employment goals. We have had Cherise Dixie, City of Fort Wayne Southeast Neighborhood Advocate, talk to our clients about preparing for job interviews and interviewing skills.

Deputy Page has trained regarding attitudes, why clients have lost jobs in the past, setting goals and many other employment-related topics. Wayne Township consultant, William G. Williams, spoke to clients about understanding themselves and their role in our community. Many other Wayne Township employees have assisted, including our Human Resources Director, Shirley Stevenson.

As part of the program, we are requiring that clients prepare resumes for themselves. We are encouraging clients to register at and to use the resources provided at Work One for resume preparation, additional testing and skills training.

I would like to encourage all Waynedale employers to partner with us in our employment program. For additional information, please contact Deputy Trustee LeRoy Page at 449-7000.

Our employment program is a “win win” for everyone in our community. It provides employers with good employees who are prepared to work. It provides clients with jobs that earn them money to provide for their families and makes the clients feel that they are contributing members of the community. And, it saves money for the taxpayer by fewer persons requiring assistance.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.


Wayne Township Trustee

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