Alex Cornwell

Alex CornwellThe youngest newspaper owner in America, Alex Cornwell is a Waynedale community member, activist and supporter. He was recently awarded Distinguished Young Alumni by his Alma Mater, The University of Saint Francis for his works.

Starting as an employee in 2006, Alex undertook the ownership of the Waynedale Newspaper in 2009. He reshaped its foundation through the extraordinary vision he had to improve the area by utilizing the resources the paper provides to enhance the well-being of the residential and business life of Waynedale. The positive, family friendly news and entertainment exemplifies the newspaper’s mission to assist the community.

His professional career as a website / graphic designer and business owner began while in attendance at the University of Saint Francis. Alex organized a sole proprietorship for freelance design work where he managed print and web design, public relations, marketing and advertising for various small to nationally catering businesses. He continues to implement successful changes with his proprietorship, maintaining the current marketing trends for these companies as well as accepting new partnerships.

Holding high standards for all newspaper employees, The Waynedale News has overwhelmingly proven to be successful and one of his greatest personal accomplishments in his young age. Alex is proud to lead his in-house team, writing, editorial, sales and delivery staff; who together have helped the newspaper distribution grow to 35,000 newsprint readers every two weeks and up to 40,000 monthly visitors on its network of websites.

Aspiring to serve his community and dedicated to impacting the development of Fort Wayne, he has and continues to engage himself in numerous noteworthy causes. Most remarkably, he has initiated the significant changes to improve the area’s residential and business well-being by positively enhancing the developments of the region and creating free events.
– While in college, he served a three-year term on the Brenda Hanchar Foundation Board of Directors, a non-profit which acquires and distributes durable medical equipment for those in Allen County without means to afford the desperately needed equipment.
– While in college, he served a one-year term on the Three Rivers Festival “Art In The Park” committee, organizing the vendor based art event at Freimann Square in downtown Fort Wayne.
– In 2010 he became a founding member of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team, a group that organizes annual events for residents of Waynedale.

In further efforts to connect with the community his business serves, he currently volunteers his time and resources as member of the Waynedale Lions Club, Southwest Conservation Club, and Acres Land Trust.
– He currently serves as a founding member of the Waynedale Business Chamber.
– He currently serves as the president of Avalon Place Civic Neighborhood Association.

A further commitment to enhance the Waynedale community has lead to his creation of, which is an online resource for residents, businesses and visitors to learn, share ideas and subscribe to an e-newsletter regarding the area, maintained by volunteers. sells a Waynedale-branded apparel line to support its efforts, which have become a very popular item to have or give as a gift. also produces an annual magazine that encompasses Waynedale resources, activities, history and a listing of businesses in the area. Both, the apparel and the guide are designed to create awareness and discussion topics regarding the community, among a number of other goals that are designed to enhance the community.