Cindy Cornwell

bio_ccornwellI am a transplant to the Fort Wayne area. I was born and raised in south central Wisconsin where my mother and father still live. I have two sons; Alex-who is a co-owner of The Waynedale News and also owns a web-design company called Acorn Design and a graduate of University of St. Francis, my youngest son, Jordan is a student in Madison, Wisconsin majoring in business management.

 I have lived in the Waynedale area for over 15 years, currently working full time as a surgical assistant for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates and part-time for The Waynedale News. I started my newspaper career over 10 years ago beginning as a sales executive, progressing as copy editor, graphic and paper designer, and through the years enjoyed writing for the paper as well as taking on the role of Mathew Brady-a photographer.

As a writer I enjoy writing about a great place to live, shop, work and play-small town USA-Waynedale. Whenever a story lends itself to good news about this perfect place to live—Waynedale—I am there. All across America, this small town ambiance symbolizes friendly neighbors and a great place to raise a family so why not tell their story.
I have been published in the Allen County History Book, contributing the Wayne Township section, of this said to be most comprehensive and largest history book in the nation.

When I am not working as a surgical assistant or playing the role of “Lois Lane” at The Waynedale News I am playing golf, riding or running the Rivergreenway Trails, downhill skiing, gardening, traveling or hanging out with all my wonderful friends that I have been blessed with. My most recent project was co-coordinating the Blue Ball Open- raising awareness for prostate cancer through a golf outing. And currently, soon to be published, a book called The History of Waynedale.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “And in the end, It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

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