Richard A. Stevenson

Richard A. StevensonWayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson was elected Trustee in November of 2006 and took office in January of 2007. He is very passionate about helping those in need and considers it a privilege to be in a position to be able to help.

Trustee Stevenson was born in Fort Wayne to a family of eleven children and has lived in Fort Wayne all his life. Growing up in such a large family taught him what it is like to do without material possessions. Trustee Stevenson’s background helps him understand the problems of the poor and fuels his desire to do everything he can to help clients move from assistance to independence.

Wayne Township is among the largest Townships in Indiana, with a staff of over thirty employees. Since he took office, Trustee Stevenson has made several changes at the Trustee’s Office, while always keeping in mind the dual goals of the office. Those goals are being a community leader in countering the effects of poverty, while maintaining careful guardianship of the taxpayers’ resources.

Among Trustee Stevenson’s accomplishments at the Trustee’s Office has been to reorganize the employment department, now called the “Employment Training Center,” to help as many clients as possible find jobs. Trustee Stevenson’s favorite saying is, “We want to give clients a hand up, not a hand out.”

As part of the reorganization, Trustee Stevenson instituted a mandatory, once-a-week employment training class for Township Assistance clients who are physically able to work. The class offers practical, hands-on training in areas such as resume’ writing and job interviewing.

Clients also receive job referrals every week and are required to apply for the jobs to which they are referred. Trustee Stevenson believes that finding jobs for clients is a win-win for everyone. When clients find jobs, they feel good about themselves because they no longer have to request Township Assistance and because they have become a contributing member of our community.

Trustee Stevenson is married to Carol Stevenson, and they have two adult sons and seven grandchildren. His grandchildren are the light of his life, and he loves to spend as much time as he can with his family.

A big part of Trustee Stevenson’s life is his devotion to and work for his Church, Pilgrim Baptist. He is a Trustee of the Church and is Superintendent of the Sunday School. Trustee Stevenson is active in numerous community organizations, including serving on the Board of Associated Churches and Executive Board of NAACP. During the Presidential election in 2008, Trustee Stevenson organized the Grassroots Committee, a non-partisan group which registered hundreds of voters in Fort Wayne. The Trustee was employed by the City of Fort Wayne for several years before being elected Trustee.