Ask me at anytime for my advice on when to go camping and I will immediately tell you, “Before Memorial Day weekend and after Labor Day weekend, and for several reasons.”

#1-Less or no biting flies, creepy crawlys, snakes, bugs, spiders, or mosquitoes. The earlier in the spring and the further into fall the less you will see.

#2-Less people in the campgrounds, which means more quiet time, less noise, less lanterns (I hate lanterns).  You get to see more stars/planets without them; did you ever look at a full moon with a pair of binoculars?  With fewer campers you get to hear more night sounds like owls, coyotes, and night birds. I have heard Killdeer calling all night long; have you?.

#3-With cooler weather, you can enjoy a campfire more and I think s’mores and pudgy pies even taste better.

#4-I’m a sweatshirt type of guy, therefore I like cooler weather.

#5-No listening to the air conditioners in the motor homes and large trailers surrounding you all night long; they haven’t been de-winterized yet or they’ve mostly all gone home – another reason I like to camp in the primitive camping areas of our state parks and reservoirs.

#6-Night hikes – you haven’t really experienced the woods at night with no flashlight. Look for the state/county parks and reservoirs to offer night hikes and then go try them.

#7-The woods start turning green and the wild flowers are beautiful in the spring and the trees are turning color in the fall – both times are enjoyable sights – good time for picture taking.

#8-I can’t sleep when it’s hot and muggy and my tent doesn’t have AC.

#9–I love campfires but I can’t enjoy them if I have to set 10 feet away – my hotdog stick won’t reach that far.

#10–I love the seasons – Trout, Squirrel, Rabbit, and Deer and what better place to be than out in the woods already to go?


Have you ever tasted trout, squirrel, rabbit or deer cooked over hot coals from a campfire? Tip: Don’t use pine for your hot coals.

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