Dancing FeatherToday I was thinking about my ancestors, the Native American people of a time long ago, but certainly not forgotten. Not by this kid – not by a long shot, saying a prayer and thanking The Creator when pulling up a carrot from the garden.

I think of the many different Christian churches that I have visited and the time of my studies to become a minister.

I keep going back in thought to my Iroquois relatives. They always showed so much love and respect for Mother Earth and for all of God’s creation. They took from the earth only what they would need and use. They always gave thanks – always.

I love being a minister and sharing the love and teachings of The Way Shower. He loved my ancestors and they loved Him. I will always give thanks and ask that He bless us all.

When you pull a carrot from the garden, our Mother Earth. Thank God!

With love and respect

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