I suggest that a portion of the windfall money from I & M be used by Fort Wayne Community Schools, with the proviso that it be used to reopen Elmhurst High School and Pleasant Twp. Elementary as of August 2011.
This would relieve the seriously overcrowded conditions in the other schools, and would be of benefit to all Fort Wayne children and parents.
I also believe it would be a tax benefit to all in the long run.
Gov. Mitch Daniels proposals for education go beyond the level of common sense. Charter Schools are NOT the answer, and I believe will end up costing taxpayers more in the long run and will not improve education.
As a retired career teacher in Fort Wayne, I was very disappointed when our State Legislature opened the door for Charter Schools back in 2001. I have also been disappointed in my Alma Mater, BSU, which has failed in the supervision of them.
I believe in democracy, and heartily support our public schools.
Richard L. Poor