When women’s lib came in the door, chivalry flew out the window.

Confused by the facts
I asked a radical environmentalist, aka tree hugger, “If there really is global warming, how do you explain the extremely cold winter we’re now having?”
“Oh, that’s part of the global warming process,” she replied.
“Now let me get this straight, you maintain extreme cold is part of global warming, right?”
“Yes. It’s a result of global warming.”
“Gee, I’m soooo dumb. I thought when it was hot outside, it was global warming and when it was cold, it was global cooling. But I guess I’m confused by the facts.

I’ll take Heads
God gave us two ends, one to sit on and the other to think with. Your success depends on which one you use the most. Heads you win, tails you lose.

Be Cyber
I knew a lady who worked on a computer all day long and I must say, “She was a calculating bitch.”
That’s why I never sat be cyber.