Valentines day is a wonderful time
To send a loving message, on a valentine.

When feelings of the heart are genuine, and, sincere,
Then, soft phrases are often spoken, throughout the year.

Go ahead, and speak your love again, everyday,
So their heart gets your message, your wanting to say.

Some find the words for the things that they mean,
When they’ve sorta forgotten about their king, or, queen.

Valentines day, is a beautiful way, to sweetly express,
With warm-hearted endearments, that brings each happiness.

Give those hugs, that break the language barrier,
The kind that make the dullest day merrier.

It’s very easy to be a happy couple together,
By nurturing each other with a loving gesture.

Hugging is very healthy, medicinal, and, very sweet,
Is non-fatting, wholesome, and, the yield can’t be beat.

When love between two, feels so spiritually good,
It’s because real love, really does, as it really should.

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