Money can’t buy happiness and happiness can’t buy money,
but wouldn’t we all be happier if we had a little more money? 

As you age, and the doctor can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with you…that old rascal Arthuritis, always gets the blame.

Light’s On
A few weeks ago we went to a wedding in Montgomery, Alabama, and stayed in a nice hotel.

Our total bill for three days, not including meals, was four hundred and forty-one dollars and five cents ($441.05).

As we drove past a nearby Motel 6 on the way home, I noticed they had a sign that read, “Rooms $39.99.”
That got me thinking, ‘Gee, if we stayed at the Motel 6, our bill with tax, would have been a little over forty-five bucks a night, for a grand total of $135. This meant that I would still have two hundred and eighty-six dollars and five cents in my pocket.

Besides that, they would have left the light on for me!


If you put a drain in upside down, will it drain up?