What was so damn great about
the Great Depression?

The Wet Bike
Three year-old Tami was riding her tricycle when daddy came out to bring her in for lunch.
On lifting her off of the tricycle, he noticed the seat was wet.
“What happened?” he asked.
Looking at daddy with those big, innocent, green eyes, she answered, “Bike went potty.”

The Drunken Masseuse
If a masseuse had a drinking problem, would she be a massouse?
–Bob Cook

Mother’s Day
On May the 8th,
You better see her,
If it weren’t for ma,
You wouldn’t be here!

Nothing irritates me more than someone driving in the passing lane holding up traffic and never passing anyone. I assume they’re either stupid, inconsiderate, texting, or have their heads in a very dark place.

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