FIRST GRADERS  ENJOY FIESTA DAY, MAY 2011On May 20. St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School first graders celebrated “Fiesta Day” at the St. Elizabeth campus. Fiesta Day is a day the first graders look forward to, after learning Spanish words for a number of food items, as well as learning the Latin American concept of “Fiesta”—a celebration of food and games, such as the popular game of breaking open the piñata.

First grade teachers Julie Peters and Molly Slocum organized the festive day. Spanish teacher Karla Moloci also played a part in the day, having taught the first graders Spanish words this school year. Mrs. Moloci went around the tables, asking the students to name in Spanish the food they were eating. Parent volunteers brought in colorful decorations and food items for a taco, salsa, fruit and dessert bar, which the first graders and teachers enjoyed.

At the end of their “Fiesta Day,” the first graders took turns breaking open three piñatas filled with candy. This is the third year that the St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School first graders have enjoyed “Fiesta Day.”