REV. THOMAS, My brother, James “Feather in the Wind” Ebbing, and I spent the day together, riding around in his pick-up truck, running errands. He turned on the radio, and we listened to a religious program. One of the things that were said was that we need to shut up and listen to God and not try to always plead and bargain with Him as to what we want. Ask what He wants from us, and ask that He bless us and touch us with the Holy Spirit. 

The morning after spending the day with my brother, I was having my morning coffee, and just outside the window my wife saw a feather floating in the breeze. She said “Look, Honey, at that feather floating down from the heavens.” She went outside and picked it up. Wow! What a blessing, and it made me think more and more of my brother James “Feather in the Wind” with a great deal of love and respect.

God bless you, Brother – you’re the best.

And God bless you one and all.

May you see a feather and feel touched by the Holy Spirit.

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