If They Are, Who’s Knitting Them?

The fuzzy feel on our teeth are really biofilms that are a complex community of microbes. These microbes multiply fast and furious in areas that are dark, warm, moist, acidic and devoid of air. They are impossible to fully and permanently eliminate, even with professional dental visits. The perfect places for the bacteria to hide and then start growing are in between teeth and around the gums. This leads to a fuzzy sweater feel on your teeth.

A practicing dentist and authority on periodontal disease has invented a home dental cleaning system to eliminate communities of microbes causing periodontal disease.

The mouth is a dark, moist environment of a constant warm temperature with a steady supply of carbohydrates – ideal bacteria growing conditions. With 200 – 300 different species of bacteria in the mouth, there is no other place in or on the human body that houses this diversity of bacteria’s.

Bacteria can be divided into two types. The bacteria that lives off and reproduces in the air are called aerobic and are mostly beneficial. Then there are the bacteria that are called anaerobic. These live in the absence of air and are mostly pathological. The excrement from the anaerobic bacteria is acidic and forms a sticky hydrophobic (water resistant) shield around the tooth, called plaque.

Not only does it feel and smell unpleasant, but the bacteria-producing plaque causes periodontal disease, which is a potential contributing factor to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and low birth weights in infants.

Removing bacteria between teeth and along the gum line is difficult with a toothbrush. Not only can’t the brush access those areas, but the brush can also cause abrasion, grooves and sensitivity. Flossing can remove bacteria from an unhealthy pocket and contaminate a healthy site, not to mention only about 5% of the population actually flosses everyday. Neither brushing nor flossing can fully clean the site to change the environment within the mouth.

Dr. Piero, found a way to slow down the microbe growth in the mouth. The Dental Air Force® ( uses air, water and dental cleaner to replace tooth brushing and flossing and to whiten teeth. The spray gets in between teeth and around the gum line to remove the bacteria without causing grooves. The air slows down the plaque growth in the dark crevices. The dental cleaner acts as an abrasive to cut through the greasy film and neutralizes the acidic environment. Its main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which recent findings suggest may provide additional protection against the loss of tooth enamel. Another ingredient in the dental cleaner is xylitol, used as a natural sweetener, however, is also said to inhibit microbial growth and tooth decay.

“With more and more research strengthening the link between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases, it is imperative that we in the dental community find better ways for consumers to clean their teeth on a daily basis and improve their resistance to illnesses and diseases,” says Dr. Piero.