Waynedale has always been a place that residents and former residents hold close to their heart. Those who do or have lived within the area have many great memories. This Waynedale.com project is designed to re-surface those memories, stories and happenings to promote positive discussion and activity within the community.

Waynedale.com is presenting this opportunity now because there are many great untold stories that relate to historical happenings within the area and we would like to document those personal experiences, before they are lost in the passage of time.

Your stories can be as long or as short as you would like. They should be positive in nature and memories of something that you are or were fond of. Your stories can contain anything that happened in the Waynedale area previous to1980. Looking through your photo albums may bring back those great old memories.

We have begun the “I remember when… in Waynedale” project to bring light to the rich history, longevity of residents and positive memories of the past. We hope to create positive discussion about the community between those who have spent time in Waynedale through the tradition of storytelling. And also help community members learn and celebrate the reasons why Waynedale is significant, and why they should be proud of what great community we have. We feel by telling history through the voices of others, in what we are calling “perspective writing,” readers can gain a more true experience of the history via the perspective of the writer. But the writings don’t necessarily have to be historically relevant, just writing about a positive memory of visiting a local store, event or happening pre 1980 gives the reader kind of a ‘feel good’ experience about the way the Waynedale used to be. The connection between good memories and the use of the Waynedale name will help brand it as a good place, then and now.

The stories will be available to the public to read and comment to online at Waynedale.com. With enough support, it is possible that the collection may be even available in print.

To get started, please download the “I remember when… In Waynedale” information packet by visiting www.Waynedale.com/memories or pick it up at 2700 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809.The packet includes an instruction sheet and blank paper for you to write your stories on. If you have a photograph that goes with your story, please include it and we will return it to you.

Deadline: October 17, 2011. Return packet by dropping off or mailing to Waynedale.com 2700 Lower Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46809. If you would prefer to use e-mail, please send your story to info@waynedale.com. If you have trouble writing or typing on a keyboard, please contact us to make arrangements. Questions will be answered by e-mail info@waynedale.com or by phone (260) 241-6060.

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