A skull and cross bone motif accents the back of the pirate vest.Halloween Costume Fun

If you are looking for an easy Halloween costume to make for a young man in your life, I found making a pirate costume for my son Robert not only easy, but; downright fun to make. This costume starts with black sweat pants and sweatshirt for warmth on a chilly Halloween night.
Next comes the fun part: making a string pirate vest. Purchase the simplest of vest patterns: one back piece and two front pieces. Cut an entire vest in black cotton fabric for the lining. Cut batting to match the vest pieces and pin them to the lining fabric.

Next cut two black triangular shaped pieces with bases long enough to cover the entire lower edges of the front pieces. Next cut black and white fabric strips of various widths and starting one edge of the triangle placing right sides together sew against the side of the triangle. Sew the next “string” on the opposite side making certain the string is long enough to cover over the raw edge of the first string. Continue stringing until complete. Do the other side.
For the back cut a second piece in black fabric. I enlarged a skull and cross bone pattern to replicate in white fabric to appliqué to the back. Black binding finishes the vest.

Halloween and craft stores are full of accessories. A pirate hat, hook arm, sword and an orange Halloween motif scarf tied at the waist complete the ensemble. Halloween skeletons, bats, and a skull hang from the vest for an extra spooky look.

Between the stark contrast of the black/white strings and the orange scarf gives the costume color contrast for safety.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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