OUR SEASONED BLESSINGS Sponsored by Kingston Residence“They are the heart of our organization,” states Erin Floyd, Executive Director of Kingston Residence speaking about her staff. “We are very blessed to have a large group of dedicated employees who have been with us through the years. Actually, over half of our employees have worked at Kingston Residence five years or longer.”

Each year Kingston celebrates with a luncheon. One year it was the Back 40, other years it’s been Paula’s on Main or Club Soda. This year 22 employees enjoyed the fine cuisine at Chop’s and each employee also received a Kingston jacket in appreciation of their continued dedication.

Regional Manager, Lynette Neher, addressed the group at the luncheon and expressed appreciation on behalf of the Kingston HealthCare Home Office. “It’s amazing that represented in this room is 256 years of Kingston experience. Our mission statement revolves around our employees as Kingston HealthCare believes its employees to be their most important asset. Happy employees translate into genuine care for our residents.”

Angie Thompson, a 17-year veteran and Director of Housekeeping and Laundry Services, says that the Kingston Residence staff is a second family to her. “Over the years, many of us shared stories about our children and we are now passing on tales about our grandchildren.”

Margaret Demongeot recently celebrated a quarter century at Kingston. As administrative assistant, she leads the company in accounts receivable accuracy. But she really enjoys the people side, “getting to know the residents, making them feel safe and comfortable.”

Asked how she would describe her incredible team in five words, Erin Floyd thought about it for a bit. Her response? “Committed. Compassionate. Caring. Hard-working and Enthusiastic. They truly love what they do for our residents and families.”

The following is a listing of Kingston Residence Long Term Employees: Margaret Demongeot 25 years; Erin Floyd 20 years; Lilli Voelker 18 years; Juanita Shears 18 years; Angie Thompson 17 years; Lynette Neher 15 years; Rob Lortie 15 years; Diane Peterson 13 years; Cheryl Sorg 12 years; Scheryl Krumma 10 years; Grant Acker 10 years; Barb Herman 10 years; Roxie Brooks 10 years; Camille Garrison 10 years; Lori Smith 9 years; Blaine Sorg 8 years; Abbey Murchland 7 years; Dee Dee Ervin 6 years; Hester Harnish 6 years; Michelle Bourne 6 years; Cheryl Wisnioch 6 years; Bobbette Herrick 5 years.