Eighth graders Matthew Paris, Noah Johnson and Alex Maldeney looking remarkably like Greek statues.St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School hosted its 2011 Cultural Voyage on November 22. The St. Joseph’s campus 5th through 8th graders and their teachers transformed each classroom into some aspect of an ancient civilization. The ancient civilizations included the Aztecs, Mayans, Chinese, Japanese, Incas, Phoenicians, Romans and the Greeks.

Each classroom was transformed to portray its ancient civilization. The Roman classroom was “ruled” by the Roman emperor and guarded by Roman centurions. The Mayan classroom had a recreation of the Chichen Itza pyramid. The Phoenician classroom displayed a Phoenician dock and ship. The Greek classroom had a star lab which displayed the star constellations named after Greek gods. Several 8th graders from the Greek classroom dressed up and posed as Greek statues.

Students had “passports” which were stamped and a list of questions they answered as they visited each civilization. Also displayed in the classrooms were posters showing various aspects of the ancient civilizations, including their religions, alphabets, dress, monetary coins, games and other customs. Each classroom also had a table in the cafeteria that offered a sampling of foods from the ancient civilizations, which students and school families enjoyed.

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