MAKING FRIENDS FROM DIFFERENT SCHOOLSAn average of 40 girls from the area have been enjoying a local basketball clinic. The girls involved range from 4th through 8th grade. Some of the skills that they attempted to learn included dribbling, shooting, and proper player-to-player coverage. And making friends!

For eighteen years, the basketball clinic had been supported by volunteers from the area and held at Luers High School on Sunday evenings. The girls love it! In fact it has become so popular that for the past few years they have had to put a limit on the number of players that are allowed to participate.

Coaches and staff, including parents, were some of the instructors which included Luers’ High School coach Denny Renier, Stu Oberley, Schultheis brothers-Phil and Dave, Bernie Lohmuller, Tom O’Brien, John Reimbold and Joe Leja, just to name a few.

“My involvement with the camp has provided a great opportunity to work closely with developing players and improve their game from the ground up,” said Tom O’Brien. “And the best part for the girls is that they continue to make friends from other schools.”

This local hands-on clinic introduced girls to the fundamentals of basketball – but the lessons taught here seemed to go far beyond the hard court.